20+ Best Diy Repurpose Old Jeans Ideas

Do you have a closet full of old clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? While you could donate some of it to a thrift shop, you can actually give new life to a lot of your garments so you’ll have a whole new wardrobe.

We surveyed a panel of fashion school students who are self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfers, and they’ve come up with these creative ideas for turning your old clothes into new fashions. It’s a great way to show the world how eco-friendly, and stylish, you are.

It may sound like a challenge on “Project Runway,” but old denim can be repurposed in a variety of ways to create new fashions. Our panel loved the idea of creating a denim skirt by cutting the legs off a pair of jeans slightly above the knee, ripping the seams of the legs, and realigning the fabric in an inverted “V,” using fabric from the cut-off legs to bridge any gaps.

For those more advanced with a sewing machine, they recommended deconstructing several pairs of jeans by cutting them up into pieces to create a color-block sundress, inverting the denim in various places to add contrast to the design. And for beginners, turning a pair of jeans into a purse or a tote bag is an easy project. (You can also make capris or make boot cut jeans into a straight leg or narrow cut.)