20+ Unique Diy Recycle Wood Pallets Decor Ideas

When I originally heard that environmentalists were touting recycled furniture as an environmentally friendly alternative for the home, I wondered about how it might look. I mean, these individuals are talking reclaimed wood from old barns and recycled pallets. I believed this stuff would end up leaving my home looking like a warehouse.

So, I went on the Internet and started looking around at websites offering recycled furniture. I have to declare that I was pleasantly surprised with what I came across. I discovered companies using superior standard reclaimed lumber, which it turns out, is highly sought by scores of homebuilders, and methods of refinishing that are health aware and environmentally thoughtful.

I discovered that many of the business owners are high-caliber designers who took their passion for the planet to the next resourceful level, creating the stuff and decorations they love in a green, sustainable way. Recycled furniture isn’t like recycled aluminum cans. You don’t start out with refuse, and wind up with something that is only practical. You start out with quality reclaimed lumber that had been used as part of something else. You take the best of that reclaimed object and transform it into a good quality piece of furniture.

It’s that simple and, like all simple things, it can be quite magnificent. Some recycled furniture manufacturers using reclaimed wood consciously seek to preserve some of the wood’s imperfections such as warps, cracks, nail holes, and worm holes in the furniture so as to capture and accentuate the antique wood’s allure, warmth, and patina.