30+ Awesome Diy Wood And Leather Trellis Plant Wall Ideas

Adding a plant trellis to an area that you have plants growing beautifies the natural landscape of the area, regardless if the the space is simply a small patio or a large and expansive yard. A trellis is stylish and functional and plant trellises are available in a wide variety of size, shapes and materials. Which type you use depends on the kind of plants you have growing and the overall style of your garden area.

A trellis can be placed against a wall to add beauty and to provide climbing plants the opportunity to grow naturally and show off their great looks. A flowering vine can sprawl naturally on a patio when a trellis is placed in a large pot. When choosing a planter trellis, be sure to select one that fits properly in the pot and be sure also to provide enough room for the growth of the plant. There are many types of trellises available and they can be made from many types of material such as wrought iron, copper, wood or plastics. You can select a highly decorative and ornate trellis if you want a dramatic look, or if you wish to be a bit more subtle, choose a trellis that is rather simple in design that will highlight your plant’s beauty.

For something a bit different, you may want to consider using a plant wall in your garden area. Hedges may be preferable to fences as a way to define your property and many home landscapers plant all types of hedges to border and define their yards and gardens. If trimmed hedges do not appeal to you, you can make a living wall of plants that are loosely grouped together to provide a structured look.

What type of landscaping you select for your outdoor living space depends on a few pre-existing factors. For example, if your yard is on a slope you may want to consider putting in ground cover instead of grass to minimize maintenance. If you have a large and open porch or entryway, you may wish to make use of container gardens with trellises to allow your plants to grow and expand. You want to be sure to select plants that display a color scheme that is right for your home. Creeping thyme or a bright flowering hibiscus grouping are both pleasing to the eye and provide a sense of depth to a patio or entrance way.