30+ Beautiful Small Palm Trees Gardening Ideas For Backyard

How to Buy a Palm Tree? It may seem simple enough, but there are a number of factors to consider. Like many other living things, choosing the right palm tree will provide you with not only a great investment, but also with tropical beauty that only palm trees and can provide!

Start by deciding if your new palm will be for indoors or part of your outdoor landscape. Palm trees make wonderful indoor plants, and they act as a natural indoor humidifier as well as a natural indoor air purifier! An interesting palm can add tropical flavor to a home office, den, living room or bedroom. How great is it to have a sun room in a cooler climate, complete with an indoor palm! Many commercial offices, such as medical offices, lawyers, real estate and others have a tropical beauty in the corner to help their clients settle in to a relaxed mood.

When “Palm-Scaping” outdoors, consider what overall effect your palms will add to your beautiful landscape. Are they going to provide shade for a pool or patio area? Will their unique leaf shapes help to create interest in your garden, or will the trees simply become your garden. Only you know how to create the perfect tropical world from your mind’s eye! Buying the right palms provides a great start!

Once you have considered if your tree or trees will be for indoor or outdoor pleasure, start by choosing an appropriate variety. Some trees do better indoors and some outdoors. Palms that are slow-growing, and ones that do well when potted would be a better choice for indoor Palm-Scaping. Try to choose a palm for indoor use that has interesting leaves, but consider it’s size inside your room. Vertical leaf growth could be a benefit here, rather than a palm that spreads out. Try to choose a variety that does not require too much water or maintenance. Always use a saucer under any indoor plant or tree to catch extra water than may run of the pot after watering. This will protect your floor or carpets!