30+ Beautiful Spring Flowers Ideas For Your Garden

For a real showy display of flowers in spring time there is nothing better than large pots of spring bulbs to create a focal point in the garden. Almost all spring flowering bulbs can be planted in containers, but there are a few considerations you need to take into account when creating your display. It is not a good idea to plant miniature or short bulbs in a very large container as they will just look lost. At the same time, large bulbs in a small container will over balance it as they grow upwards. Also be careful with colour. A planter filled with the same variety of bulb can look stunning, but equally, a mix of bulbs of a similar colour pallet will look just as good.

The best time to plant spring flowering bulbs in containers is from October to December, before the first frosts. If you are using a terracotta pot with a drainage hole in the bottom place a layer of broken crocks inside before planting as this will aid drainage. Fill your chosen pot with general purpose compost mixed with a couple of handfuls of horticultural grit to help with drainage. If you are filling the container with the same variety of bulb, pack the bulbs in close together to ensure a really great show. Check the packet for the correct depth to plant the bulbs and cover over with compost. Water the container well and place in your chosen spot.

There are many varieties of spring flowering bulbs that look good in containers. Use an old galvanised tub as a planter for bright yellow daffodils. Straight stemmed red tulips look stunning in lead or faux lead planters. Place them either side of a front door for a really stunning display. Plant crocus bulbs in smaller containers, old walking boots are ideal and add a quirky twist to a door step or corner of a patio. Equally as nice are dwarf varieties of daffodil and tulip planted in wicker baskets. Short varieties of fritillaria and allium look stunning in terracotta bowls or low troughs.

Place them on the flat top of a wall or in groups up the side of stone steps. Grape hyacinths are a great favourite and look good in small long toms and zinc planters. Plant dwarf iris in an old cup and saucer and place on your window sill. Hyacinth bulbs are also lovely to have indoors and will fill the room with their fresh heady scent. The type of garden planters you can use are endless. But you will always find something either vintage, modern or just a bit quirky that will set off your chosen bulbs a treat and help herald the arrival of another spring.