30+ Delightful Garden Water Fountains Ideas

Outdoor garden water fountains are the perfect complement to any garden no matter what style. They can be bought or made in several different designs, and from several different materials. The outdoor fountains are extremely relaxing, and can help to make the whole garden a calming place to entertain. The design of water fountain that is chosen will depend on the budget and the style of the overall garden. From the thousands of different sizes, shapes and materials available, there will always be one that is suitable.

There are various different types of outdoor garden water fountains that can be placed in the garden. They can be free standing, wall mounted or floor standing, all of which are great and look fantastic in the right environment.

Rock outdoor fountains are very popular and can be placed against a wall in the garden to get a dramatic effect. The water will cascade down the rocks into a pool or bowl below, before returning, and starting the process again. The same effect can be created easily with tiered bowls, this style of outdoor fountains look fantastic in the middle of a garden or court yard.

The materials that are used for outdoor garden water fountains are very basic but effective. Wood, stone, ceramic and fiberglass are all very popular. Although copper is used as well it is not as easy to assemble or maintain as other materials. Rock and ceramic outdoor garden water fountains are great; however they can be very heavy. If the fountain will need to be moved at some point this will need to be considered. Fiberglass alternatives look great, and often people cannot tell they are not the real thing. However, they can be moved with ease, and stored if necessary.