30+ Delightful Gardening Projects Wood

Finding the perfect planters for that home garden project can be a challenging task. Do you go for less expensive or a little higher-end planter? Should you choose wood, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic or stone? How about color? Do you want them to match the house or stand out somewhat? These are all choices you’ll have to make while selecting the right planters for your project. I will try to answer some of those for you.

The material your planters are made out of can have a significant impact on look, color, weight and price. We will cover a few of those materials in this article.

Plastic Planters are lightweight, come in a variety of colors and are not very expensive. You are able to buy these at most garden or hardware stores. The issue I find with these is that they have to be replaced often and they are usually not that attractive. However, if you’re looking to keep the price as low as possible then this is the choice for you.

Wood Planters are also usually lightweight and they can be very pleasing to the eye. There is not as many color choices available unless you’re going to paint or stain them. Cedar planters typically do well in the weather and are still on the relatively inexpensive side. They do tend to start falling apart after a while as the nails or staples start to give way. This is most certainly a step up from plastic route though.

Having a wide range of color choices is something you for sure get when going with a ceramic planter. They tend to be little heavier than the plastic and wood. I have found that cost can vary quite a bit in this line so you can probably find something in the price range you’re looking for. The only knock on the ceramic planters is they can be fragile and break fairly easily. Then it’s back to where you purchased them with hopes they still have the same style so that you can match the rest of your set.