30+ Easy And Creative Rooftop Garden Ideas To Makes Your Home Look Fresh

The world of urban gardening is a bit different than out in the country there are more hurdles to climb and a bit more challenges to face. None the less thousand and hundreds of thousands of people take on the challenges everyday.

In large city land is at a premium and so there really not very much green space available to lay out big garden plots or large scale landscapes. This does not dissuade the urban gardener. When ever there is little or no land there are porches and balconies and all assorted size pots and decorative containers. Even rooftops are not ruled out if you are a gardener and you want to garden you will find a way to grow your vegetables and flowers.

Here in Chicago rooftop gardening has become not only fashionable but the city offers grants to people who want to convert their conventional roofs into green roofs. Several restaurants currently are using the roofs of the restaurants to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs that supply the kitchen with good wholesome organically grown food. There is even one that has beehives and uses the honey in their baking and for cooking. Now that is urban gardening at it’s finest.

While having a rooftop garden is certainly a big investment in time and money a simple patio can provide an assortment of vegetable, and flowers that will help cut the family food budget. A small herb garden would take up very little space but would provide fresh herbs right outside your door whenever you need them. A little ingenuity and imagination can not only satisfy you craving to grow it can also provide an amazing garden to showcase your talents.