30+ Gorgeous Molly Wood Garden Design Ideas

Living near the sea or in a coastal region may exemplify your dream lifestyle, but it’s no doubt that the harsh and particular conditions of the sea-side landscape make it hard for things to grow. But, plant growth is certainly not impossible – you’ll just want to know what grows best in the land of salt and sea before you embark on your landscaping plans. You’ll also want to pay particular attention to layout, and hardscape elements that can really help pull your landscape design together.

You’ll first need to determine what type or types of soil’s you’re dealing with. If it’s predominately sand than you’ll have to accept that you’ll be limited to what you can plant and grow – unless you’re industrious enough to want to lay yards, and yards of top soil. Remember that even though certain plants will grow in sandy soils you’ll have to be on top of watering like never before.

In sandier soils some plants to investigate include: bearberry, yucca, memorial rose, trumpet vine, fragrant sumac, beach plum, rose rugosa, Austrian pine and tamarisk. One recommendation might be to do an image search of these plants on the internet – you can then start to get a visual picture of what you like. Begin by building a folder that you can use as a resource when you’re ready to purchase and plant.

When you do begin planting, try not to plant everything at once. Experiment, and try some species to see how they adjust and grow. You’ll start to get a good idea of what has potential to thrive in your soil and in your environment. In all cases, you’ll always want to work with the elements and not against them. This is key to making your seaside landscaping a success. You really can’t fight with the ocean… so “go with the flow” is a good rule for a seaside “green thumb”.

Another good tip is to explore your neighborhood and to make a list of what you like and what grows well. Talk to your neighbors and discover their seaside gardening trials and tribulations. Consult books and ask specialists before you purchase your plants.