30+ Inexpensive Diy Ideas Outdoor Pots

When growing a potted herb garden outdoors, many believe the plants should be in a pot to get best results. Such plants as rosemary, chives and mint are said to be best planted in pots in order to keep them from taking over the rest of the garden. If you decide you need to plant any herbs in a pot, there are some things you should keep in mind to get the best possible results. Growing herbs is only as hard as you allow it to be. In this article you will find information that should make it easier for you.

Choose the herbs you are going to plant in pots rather than in the regular garden. The choice can be due to either the kind of herb it is, or because of ornamental purposes. As stated above, the most popular plants to put into pots are the ones that have a tendency to take over a garden.

This does not mean they are the only ones, which can be planted in a pot. Other good herbs to plant in a pot include lavender because of the height at which they grow. The other reason is because the flowers tend to be attractive when separated and will end up flavoring the rest of the plants around it.

When planting a potted herb garden, take into consideration the soil you are planting in. Many people have a tendency to try and plant in all potting soil because they are planting in a pot. The problem with this is planting soil, is too high in nutrients. Herbs prefer soil that is low in nutrients and in order to create the right mixture of nutrients, acidity and draining ability, you will need to mix a few things together.

Mix together equal parts of potting soil, loose dirt and sand together. The angular quality of the sand will help to create a soil, which does not retain excessive water. Make sure the mixture gets about one tablespoon of lime depending on the size of the pot.