30+ Lovely Patio Umbrellas Design Ideas

Houses are now offered with beautiful lawn areas or patios. This will enable people to have an enjoyable outdoor experience in terms of relaxation. This is why every home may need to have a rectangular patio umbrella or awning to protect them from sun.

If you will think of a rectangular patio umbrella, the first thing that will come into mind is that they are made from frames that mainly compose their shape with a stand placed on the central part to make it stand and for support. This is the conventional design but now their designs have been developed or changed in order to match the modern design needs of consumers. This is the offset rectangular patio umbrella.

The good thing about this type of umbrella is that its design can elevate the overall look of your patio. Compared to the usual umbrella design, its stand is not installed on the central part. They are either installed on the side where they serve as support for the whole umbrella. The good thing about this design is that it will not cause the stand to keep you from seeing your company while talking. As you notice, this stand is something that obstructs your view if you have company and even in just looking at a certain view.

Aside from just being installed from the side, there are other offset rectangular patio umbrella styles wherein the main support stand is installed outside the main protective frame. This will give an effect as if the protective frame seems to be hanging from it. But of course, they have been designed to be very durable. Although it may look like it’s just hanging from the stand, it still has its strong supports and frames from the sides so they will not fall off no matter what the weather condition is.