30+ Totally Inspiring Gothic Living Room Design Ideas

Are you the type of person who loves mystery in everything? If you are looking for a way on how to incorporate the mysterious Gothic concept to your home, you are lucky if you are reading this article. By following the tips here, you can already feel like you are living on the castle where Harry Potter lives.

Let us start with the walls. They should be made of stone just like the houses during the Gothic era. To make them more mysterious-looking, you can make use of paints having the shades gray, purple or blue.

The flooring must also be made of either wood or stone, To give it a rich appeal, you can also place silk rugs. Through this, you will feel like you are having a time-travel. The home furniture must be made of solid wood. It can also be painted with white, brown, silver, or black shades to create a more mysterious effect.

To complete the Gothic-home atmosphere, you also need to decorate your entire home with stunning, rich and costly fabrics. Make sure that the fabrics you select for upholstery, curtains, cushions and beddings are thick and heavy to ascertain their high quality. If you are trying to buy cheap ones, you will fail in your attempt to go Gothic. So, that means you need to spend a large amount of money to achieve an original Gothic home.