40 Comfy Apartment Decorating Ideas For College Students

Welcome high school graduate or returning scholar to the fantastic world of college. Continuing your education in the institution of higher learning in hopes of making more money, acquiring universal knowledge and perhaps evening finding out whether you have what it takes to survive college life is an honor that should be fully recognized by all.

But to make money you have to spend money, which is the first lesson you’ll come to terms with when paying for tuition, parking, books, and other expenses you may accrue. If you reside on campus or in an apartment close by, the first thing you may want to do is make your den as livable as possible while on a tight student budget.

A few tips to help you on your way to make your apartment or dorm just like home:

If you can spare to loosen up the purse strings, try to invest in a bed or comfortable sofa or futon bed. Beds can be expensive, and sometimes you can only afford the mattress and boxspring, but it’s really not recommended to just leave them sitting on the floor. Moisture can develop under the mattress and boxspring, which can result in an unsanitary and nasty growth known as mold. Now unless you’re a biology student and you’re growing culture samples to fulfill your lab requirements, I advise against keeping your mattress on the floor and suggest that you buy a bed frame.

Sofa and futon beds are an option to buying beds. Easier to transport than a full on bed, these alternatives double as lounge chairs in the day, and beds at night (or between classes). Perfect for studying or playing video games, sofa and futon beds will give you your money’s worth, something that you’ll appreciate throughout your college career.

Additional lights like table lamps, floor lamps and maybe even some pendant lighting will bring some personality into a somewhat lifeless dorm or apartment can be affordable if you know what you want and where to go. Places like second-hand stores carry a wide selection of lights, from Tiffany-styled lamps to desk lamps.

Now that you’ve got the basics of home decorating down, you’ll be able to turn your dorm or apartment into a living space even your mom would be proud of, so long as you don’t leave the laundry on the floor. Just remember college scholar, decorating and living on a budget are skills do you will master during the duration of your college career.