40 Comfy Executive Office Decorating Ideas

Executive office decorating ideas should aim to reflect the personality of the executive and at the same time retain tasteful elegance.

You can go in for traditional executive office decor which involves tables and showcases made form dark colored woods like cherry, maple or mahogany and leather chairs. Albeit expensive, this kind of decor is rich and impressive and emanates an aura of solidity and trust.

Executive office decorating ideas should also take change and modernization into consideration. Modern office furniture involves a combination of wood, chrome and glass in contemporary designs. Desks are usually made of light colored wood combined with glass. Bookcases, shelves etc are usually made using glass and chrome. Sometimes wood is also used but not the traditional dark colored mahogany or cherry. Seating is usually done in leather, though not the traditional black or brown colored ones. It could be something white or blue or a rare shade of brown. This decor is reflective of a modern executive who is open to new ideas and change.

While choosing furniture, keep in mind aspects like whether you will be conducting meetings with a large number of people in your room or whether you prefer to collaborate and conduct meetings online. In case you have a large number of visitors, choose a medium sized desk so that guests don’t have to look at you across an expanse of wood.

Executive office decorating ideas place emphasis on wall decor too. Framed certificates, licenses and awards of excellence can be displayed on one part of the wall. Similarly, paintings, murals, photographs etc can be displayed on the walls. Don’t display photographs of friends or family on the walls. A small framed photo of your family on your desk is fine but not on the walls. Photos on the walls should be restricted to creative photography or those of company events. You can also reserve some space on the walls to display trophies or mementos.

The flooring of a room is also an important aspect of its decor. Choose hardwood, marble or stone flooring. Carpets are not a must but if you decide to get one, choose a rich and thick one.