40 Comfy Restaurant Chair Design Ideas

Keeping your restaurant chair design simple is part of the current trend in restaurant furniture. One of the most popular designs over the years has to be the clean cut simple wooden chair. It has all the qualities of a timber chair, yet is not ostentatious and doesn’t look out of place.

Restaurant patrons are looking for uncomplicated dining these days, dining that is easy on the eye and easy on the pocket. Wooden chairs certainly meet that, being one of the cheaper restaurant chairs on the market, as for looks, most wood chairs come with a choice of stains as well as the choice of seats. For most chairs you can get cloth or vinyl on the seats as well as different choices of wood seats.

For wood seats there are two choices, the first is a thick solid piece of wood, and depending on the manufacturer there will be indentations, the second choice is usually cheaper, it is a veneer seat that is thinner. The two advantages of the veneer seats is that they are usually cheaper than the solid seats and they are more contoured for sitting on.

Currently most chairs are made from Beech wood, it is a semi hard wood that gives a bit. The European Beech is the best choice, followed by the Asian beech which is a bit more brittle. Some manufacturers also carry Oak chairs which are a good hard wood, but tend to crack more easily than the Beech.

There are many different choices in wood seating. One is the simple ladder back chair, these are about the simplest and most common choices for restaurants and usually are the cheapest of the chairs to purchase. The next is the school style chair, these chairs are rock solid and made to last. Because they don’t have any intricate designs they are easy to keep clean and are just a bit more costly than the ladder back design. The final choice is the premium priced chairs, these have more intricate designs and a more fancy look such as a fan back or window pane style, these usually come with multiple options as well.

For wood chairs, they need more upkeep than metal chairs. They should be checked monthly for any loose screws or bolts and tightened, if you do that, they will last a lot longer. If you let a wobbly chair go without any maintenance, it will just get worse and it has a better chance of the wood cracking and breaking. You should wash the legs with warm water at least once a month to get any dirt and rubber from people’s shoes rubbing on them.

Wood chairs are a good choice if you want to project a more upscale image, but remember to keep the design simple and based on the theme that you are trying to project.