40 Easy Business Office Décor Ideas

Office decorating ideas can be different depending on whether you are decorating the home office or going for a full refurbishment of a business office. Naturally, if you are decorating an office in your own home you are limited to whether your home office is a separate room where you can shut the door on your office or whether you have to utilize a space in your home that has to be set aside for you to work in.

Organizing a space in a dining room is an easy enough option and organizing discrete filing that co-ordinate with your dining room color scheme makes for an attractive space to work. Obviously if you have to share office space with your dining room any storage options need to be attractive, with attractive cupboards in the dining room used to store paperwork and stationery. This does have its downside as I know very well from my own home: keep your dining room table free from clutter. Believe me that is easier said than done!

However, if you are designing a separate office that does not have to vie for space in your home, there are plenty of options for luxurious and comfortable working conditions. You are always going to be constrained by the size and shape of your office, together with the actual function your office has to fulfil. That said, storage, the location of equipment, light sources, traffic flow and data sources are all of equal importance.

A prime concern is making your office an motivating place in which to work. If the office to be decorated is a designated business office and not just a place at home where you are undertaking work, you need to ensure you are aware of the legislation relevant to the country or state in which you are living.

Any décor is dependent on the location of the windows and doors, data points and computer ports, electrical switches and outlets – these will all determine the layout of your furniture. Once you have set the positioning of your furniture you need to turn your attention to where you want your filing cabinets to be and where you want to keep any necessary books.

When it comes to decorating an office, image matters. You could maintain a traditionalist image for a conventional company or, if your company is a modern and energetic company, take up a contemporary theme for your image. This will then translate through to your employees. Again, maintaining your personality within the décor is important.

You might be encouraged and motivated by a calming mural on one wall or, for that matter, a vibrant one. The American Psychological Association acknowledges that 64% of Americans would like to live lives which are less stressed and, when you consider that you spend a considerable amount of your waking time at work, your interests should be reflected to some extent in your décor. Take a look at the website MuralsYourWay.com for murals you can use to decorate both your office at work and your office space in the home to reflect your personal tastes. This is not an expensive option, with many prices at around $6.00 per square foot – the effect, however, can be quite electric!