40 Easy Diy Apartment Decor Ideas On A Budget

Just about every homeowner keeps an eye open for cheap home decorating ideas. Nothing can make a space more beautiful than when it looks good and you know you saved money in making it look that good. Did you know that flexible crown molding can be used in a lot more places than just where your wall meets your ceiling?

With a little imagination and know how, flexible crown molding can be used to make quite a few cheap home decorating ideas come to life. Some of the reasons that it can be used in many different applications are because it is fairly easy to install and is light weight. Also, it is strong, easy to manipulate, can be painted and comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

The styles available make it easy to match to just about any decor. For smaller rooms or spaces, consider adding molding in horizontal stripes to a wall. Spaced far apart (a foot or more), narrow strips of crown molding can add dimension. You can either paint the molding the same color as the wall, or a contrasting color for more interest.

If you have pictures or other wall art, you can also use flexible crown molding to frame them. You do not need to make the frames the standard square or rectangle shapes either. Since the molding is flexible, you have more creative leeway to try other shapes that will showcase the prints.

Other cheap home decorating ideas that use molding include: adding it to the edges or bottom of old nightstands and then painting, creating designs on plain doors, build up or add to fireplace mantels, use to showcase or accent ceiling lamps, spruce up book shelves by adding crown molding to the edges and sides (then paint), create panels using beautiful wallpapers, etc.

Molding comes in a wide range as far as pricing. If you learn how to install crown molding yourself you can save even more. The pieces usually come in several lengths and you can purchase them by the piece. For some of these smaller decorating ideas, you may only need a couple of pieces that cost $20-$30 each. Of course, you may also need paint, trim nails, a hammer, a level and a measuring tape, but compared to purchasing pre-made custom furniture, you should still come out way ahead! Be sure to take accurate measurements so that you are not purchasing materials that you will not use, but you will also need to round up the measurements to allow yourself a little extra in case of mistakes.

The more experienced you are at DIY projects, the less you will need to worry about this. If you are new, you may want to ask the professionals where you are purchasing the crown molding what they recommend as far as extra molding to allow for errors. Let them know what your plans are and they can help you get all the materials you need for your project. Once you get started using flexible crown molding for your cheap home decorating ideas you are sure to be inspired with even more ideas! With its easy installation and durability, crown molding is a great option for those who want to watch their budget and create the home of their dreams and remember when you learn how to install crown molding you can save big.