40 Modern Rustic Italian Ideas For Your Dream Home Design

When it comes to purchasing furniture, it is not always an easy task and can get complicated. There are many different types of furniture and interior design schemes you can use to achieve that perfect feel for your home. Here are some simple style tips of furniture and how they can be used in any home or office scheme.

1. French- Goes great with a country interior design scheme. It consists of shabby chic furniture placed in rooms with warm colors such as yellows. With the main purpose being comfort and warmth.

2. Roman- Is great for those who want an ancient look that does not disrupt the surrounding atmosphere. Some key décor items to use would be columns or marble and choosing the right color scheme such as neutral colors like beige or an off white. You can also use roman plants such as a small ivy plant.

3. Italian- Is the use and sight of warm pleasant Tuscan villas. Using this scheme it is often filled with warm colors such as dark red wines, and dark green olives. You can also use shades of red, copper, and burnt orange in your accent pieces. Italian goes great with textured surfaces; you can sponge your walls with paint to achieve the look of a traditional Tuscan home.

4. Greek- The interiors are very simple and rustic looking. The wall coloring should be white; they can be smooth or textured depending on your style. Carpeting does not normally work well with Greek design schemes; it works better with stone flooring. You can add plenty of textured rugs with rustic style and deep warm colors. The furniture you don’t need to go overboard with, keep it simple, it should be high quality wood and worn looking. You can also add plenty of rustic pottery to complete the look.

5. Victorian- The architecture is very ornamental and started back in the early 1900’s.It is well suited to traditional furnishings such as floral fabrics and distressed looking lamps and tables.

No matter what design scheme you are looking for or decide to choose from. Take your time, Focus, draw out a plan in your mind and also on paper. It will not be an overnight process, although we all wish it could be! Start by looking at furniture online and decide what best suits your style. This is my personal favorite site that I use; they carry furniture for any design scheme.