43 Adorable Organization Ideas For Small Bedrooms That Trendy Now

One of the easiest storage solutions for a small bedroom is a storage bed. A well organized and functional bedroom space can be hard to accomplish, especially if you are dealing with a very tiny bedroom or a dorm room. Beds with storage are ideal for these small rooms, but they can hold a lot of “stuff” that accumulates over time when there are few storage solutions available.

Types of Beds for Storage

There are various types of beds that are sold as storage beds, and most of them have a sliding drawer mechanism on both sides and the end of the bed. This is just like having an extra chest of drawers for a bedroom without needing the floor or wall space for more furniture. Beds with storage beneath are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes – as well as in bunk bed styles with storage beneath the bottom bunk. There are also convertible beds that once served as a crib that can be converted to a teen bed with just a few changes, and that have drawers beneath the box spring that can be used for storage.


Under the bed storage is perfect for lots of things, like socks and underwear, tee shirts, jeans, or even linens and extra towels. Some people choose a storage bed in the guest room because they can make use of the extra storage for small houses or apartments. For those living in a college dormitory, the storage possibility and usage possibilities for beds with storage is unlimited.


When buying a storage bed, be sure to measure the area where the bed will be set up to make sure that the bed will fit well within the space. Keep in mind that you will need enough clearance for any special fixtures that go along with the bed, like a canopy for instance. Most furniture stores stock a selection of beds with underneath storage, and buying local may be the best option for you because you won’t be paying any freight or shipping charges on the bed. Buying online sometimes has its perks, though, even when it comes to buying furniture. Look for discount furniture dealers online that offer reduced freight shipping costs or even free shipping on your bed. It is sometimes possible to have a storage bed shipped to a local store from the main store when you purchase online, which may be your cheapest shipping option.