43 Lovely Home Black And White House Exterior Design Ideas

Two colors and plenty of designs, this is what the magic on a black and white rug is. If you have decided that you need no more than these colors to spice up the décor of your home, then the hunt for the perfect rug can be pretty interesting.

Designs abound and on top of that you have hordes of material to choose from. No two-color combination is more appealing and famous than these two, and this is the contributing factor for the extravaganza of designs that you can pick from.

A rug can have its place of pride in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, patio and almost all areas in the offices etc. A black and white rug is a superb choice as both an indoor and outdoor rug. Whether you choose it to cover a worn-out carpet, save the carpet in the kid’s room or add more zest to the look of your interiors, it’ll fit in very well. It also looks very classic and comfy as patio rug, especially the variety in floral patterns.

There are a lot of interesting patterns in black and white rugs which can hardly be created by using other colors, or maybe not as gracefully. A manuscript rug, designed with writings in black on white background (or vice-versa) will lend a contemporary appeal to your office and library. As far as the animal prints go, you can never get enough of them. Create and African outback by choosing the all time favorites like zebra, white tiger and giraffe prints;or perhaps move closer to civilization by picking a Black & White Holstein Cow Rug. If you want an absolutely real experience with these animal prints, you can opt for hair on leather variety, available in genuine leather and synthetic ones as well. Innovative tropical forest prints are also a great choice for a contemporary set-up. Moving on the more traditional ones you can choose from designs depicting the gorgeous European couture and many other classic floral patterns. Rugs which are Reminiscent of Chinese, Tibetan, India, Persian, Turkish and African artworks are also a great choice.

These bold colors are suitable for outdoor rugs as well. Interesting botanical prints make them perfect for your patio. You can choose a sophisticated bordered or striped rug to add more character to your swimming pool area and give it the feel of a leisurely retreat. If your entire house is flawless, then take another look at your bath, it might be just a rug away from perfection. Geometric patterns in black and white rugs work great for the bathrooms, as do the salt and pepper designs.

Buying the black and white rugs from the internet is a very good idea. It’s a perfect place for you to see all the possible varieties. Since there is not too much intricacy involved, you should be able to get something that looks exactly how it’s displayed on the sites. Just be mindful of the materials and the size that you need. There are not many stores dedicated to these rugs, and the sections in the regular rug stores might not have all that variety. This makes shopping on the internet all the more beneficial; an added advantage is the heavy discounts you can get online. By reading the reviews of an online store you will get a fair idea of the quality as well. So get that perfect rug and add a peerless look to your interiors and exteriors.