44 Great Dining Table Design Ideas

Having a meal three times a day is one of the basic necessities of life. As time in our lives is becoming more and more crucial, small habits like eating and having a proper meal have become a lifestyle decision. For this reason special emphasis is placed on buying the perfect dining table for the house.

Dining tables are available in different sizes, styles, shapes and are made of different materials like wood and wrought iron. Various designs such as rustic, contemporary, traditional and casual etc are available to blend with the Interior design ideas being used in the house. Based on manufacture, country of origin, quality and design, the prices of dining tables vary from budget to lavish designer dining tables.

Selection of the ideal dining table design for your home depends on the decorating ideas implemented in your home and the space available. For example if you have less space, then drop leaf or folding dining table can be a perfect fit. With folding tables you have the added advantage of folding them and keeping them aside in a store or anywhere else to increase the empty space in the room where the table is usually placed. Similarly, drop leaf table also reduces the space covered by the table, hence, offering you an easy way to increase the space after meals.

Square, round, rectangular and oval ones are usually available in the market. While some designers also experiment with one-off shapes conforming to kitchen design ideas.

For minimalists, tables which are mounted on walls or act like cupboards are also available. Tables mounted on the wall can save space and look stylish if they are blended effectively in the background. Similarly, the tables in cupboard style slits can be pulled out when needed and dragged in as the meal is over, hence, conserving space and adding uniqueness to your decor. An intelligent decision on available interior design ideas is necessary as the table can be used for many more purposes e.g. a dining table can serve as a playing area for the family, to play games like cards, etc.

Generally, dining tables can cater up to 4 to 6 persons as per requirements, but if you have requirement of more or less than the usual versions, go for a custom-made table made exactly as per your specification. This will make the table more suited for your particular needs and conserve space in the room.