44 Lovely And Classic Wood Dining Chairs Ideas

When it comes to truly enjoying a meal one of the most important elements is the chairs. After all no matter how good the food is or how charming the flatware and dishes, if you are not comfortable it could be the worst meal you have ever had.

So it is that we begin with the importance of dining chairs in making your place complete and your guests comfortable. Available in all shapes, sizes and styles these chairs should beckon guests to sit for a spell and even linger awhile after the food is gone.

The classic dining chair is usually made of wood with an upholstered seat or back or both. A Louis XV style chair is one example that offers elegance and comfort perfect for sharing meals and conversations with friends. Another medium for dining chairs is metal. An eclectic mix of metal garden chairs is ideal for an impromptu garden party. They offer simple elegance and a bit of fun. They also offer a complementary touch for a glass or metal table.

Sometimes your table determines the type of dining chairs that you need. If you have a pub table or perhaps just a counter, stools are in order. They can be backless or not and can easily inject country charm or fifties kitsch into your space. A classic metal and vinyl stool brings color and fun while a warm wood one bursts with timeless style. If you prefer to host cozy dinner parties in your living room throw pillows should be your dining chairs of choice. Soft, comfortable and the right height for your coffee table they offer an intimacy that cannot be achieved with more formal, higher chairs.

Besides your table, the size of your space can also pre-determine the right chairs for you. Wire and wood chairs are perfect in a petite place as they don’t take up as much visible space. Vintage Saarinen tulip chairs also don’t have much of a footprint and yet are utterly inviting. If you have a large flowing space you can go big with large heavy chairs that offer comfort and style.

When choosing your dining chairs it is important to ask not what the latest trend is, but how do you live? Do you enjoy throwing lavish dinner parties? Do you have children? Do you use a dining table for more than just eating? Once you have answered these all important queries you can begin looking for chairs that fit your, space, your table, your style, your life. Start by looking at local stores, in magazines and even the internet. Online you’ll find the largest selection of dining chairs available. From vintage to modern and everything in between you’ll find more chairs than you ever thought existed.

Of course chairs often come part and parcel with your dining table, but it is definitely more fun to find the perfect table and then surround it with chairs that suit it as well as your space. So pull up a chair and get creative with your dining décor.