45 Affordable First Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

When you don’t have an abundance of space where you’re living, it can be a little difficult to make your apartment really feel like home. But with a few simple decorating techniques, any apartment can be made into a home in no time.

The first thing to do when considering an apartment redecoration is ask your landlord what decorating guidelines he or she has. Can you paint the walls? Are you allowed to nail artwork to the walls, or should you use other hanging devices? Asking a few simple questions could save you money in fines should you choose to move in the future.

When you’ve gotten the okay from your landlord, it is now time to create an analysis of the space and features you are working with in your living space. Point out the pros and cons of each room so you know which points you want to emphasize (like big windows) and which points need a little work (like awkward spaces.) Taking the time to analyze what you are working with makes the task of redecorating seem less daunting.

Once you know where your apartment needs improvement, create a budget that you can feasibly follow. If you walk into a store without a firm budget in mind, it can be all too easy to spend tons of money on things you think you need. If your budget is small, stick to necessities or small, inexpensive things that can make a big impact, such as bedding, towels and rugs. With the right colors and placement, these items can immediately change the look and feel of a room without breaking the bank.

Most of the time, landlords will allow their tenants to repaint. Changing the paint is the easiest and least expensive way to change an apartment’s overall atmosphere. In smaller apartments, where windows tend to be fewer and farther between, use light color combinations, as they will help create the illusion of additional light. If your landlord isn’t keen on changing the paint in your apartment, try hanging fabric swatches on the walls or add printed room dividers to add a splash of color and dimension to your room. Adding fabric, room dividers or paint to a room also gives you the chance to show off a little portion of your personality to all that see your apartment.

The last thing to remember when decorating your apartment is be sure to include personal items that mean something to you. A cookie cutter apartment from a magazine will look nice, but it won’t help your place feel like home. Adding pictures, posters and other sentimental items will be the perfect touches to tie your new decorations together. These small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort in your apartment.