45 Artitstic Rooftop Design Ideas For Your Home

The roof is one of the essential parts of the house. It keeps the house cool on hot days and helps to keep heat when it is cold. Normally, you would think that this part of the house serves no other purpose but people have some weird and creative things that they do here. This has posed a great challenge to the roofing companies because they have to come up with innovative designs to cater for some of the needs that these people have.

A traditional rooftop practice is watching the stars. This will give you an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful views in the world with minimal distractions from bystanders and traffic that may be present at ground level. This is possible because some adaptation to this area have been made such that it is safer to stay here and in some cases there can even be some comfortable places to sit as you relax and watch the stars.

Alternatively, you can meet here with other people to spend time together. Romantic dinners are a favorite because the other buildings or surrounding scenery offers a great backdrop that just sets the mood. The lights make this a prime spot at night and it is usually a secluded and private place where you can have great conversations.

This space is one of the best places to run away or hide from people. You can even be able to spy on someone like a friend on the street below. Some may call this hiding in plain view because of the fact that this place may be very visible, but it works because most people do not look here or they do not imagine that someone could be seeing them from this place.

One remarkable use of this space is the holding of concerts. Surely, people have become extremely creative and daring and they push the limits of all the things that we thought were possible. The beetles were one of the first bands to have a rooftop concert at a time when people did not think that this was possible. They have since set a standard and many other bands have had such concerts since that time.

Sometimes you may want to have a garden yet you do not have any space available to start one. It is possible to give up on this but some creative people have realized that this space is usually left bare and idle and they have therefore come up with planting strategies that have allowed them to have gardens in these areas. This is great for the environment because you help to cut down on environmental degradation while making use of a space that would have otherwise been left bare.