46 Awesome Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas

Many people think that decorating your bedroom needs heavy expenses to make look like “redecorated”. But honestly speaking if you lay out a careful plan and a little observation, you can easily create the best bedroom in the world (for you) easily in a matter of hours.

Here are some bedroom decorating ideas that can save your time and money and at the same time give remarkable results.

1) Instead of painting every wall of the bedroom, try painting just one wall with other contrast paint and you will immediately see the difference as far as size of the bedroom is concerned. The main objective here is to break the visual pattern which you have in your mind about the existing bedroom color scheme. Any slight change in it’s appearance can make a huge difference. basically why are you decorating your bedroom? to make it look different. So this can be done with easy and fast changes in your bedroom.

2) Try to change the furniture layout of your room. This will expose different wall areas to your eyes revealing a different aspect of the bedroom. You can apply wallpaper to this newly exposed bedroom wall and create the feel of a new room. If applying wallpaper on the entire wall is not affordable, just apply the borders with a design of your choice and paint the wall with a contrasting color and see the difference.

3) Are picture frames too expensive? then why not paint a small picture directly on the wall. You don’t have to be a great artist for this. Certain finishes such as faux, can be used to create a pattern of design on the wall to make it interesting. if you are living on rent then obviously you will have to take permission of the apartment owner to do this.

These are some of the ideas that show that money is not always necessary to decorate your dream bedroom, even little creativity can show wonders in bedroom decorating.