47 Affordable Transitional Kitchen Design Ideas

Nowadays, kitchens are integrating sittings rooms and dining rooms into a unified space. Most often, the goal in redesigning or upgrading a kitchen is to boost the traditional work triangle, the path between the fridge, food preparation area and the cooking area. Furthermore, designers have defined optimal lengths for the sides of the triangle for maximum efficiency.

Below are some of the latest kitchen design trends these days:

1. The old vinyl, standbys and linoleum look better than ever and among the most comfortable surfaces in the kitchen. They are matched by wood floors coated with polyurethane. Tile and stone floors provide colors and textures typical of Mediterranean kitchens.
2. In kitchens these days, several smaller lights are suspended from the ceiling, which provides lighting with stylish colors and shades. Also very popular nowadays are pendant lamps that come in various styles to complement each décor.
3. Beautiful and timeless cabinets are great choices for every kitchen. One great attraction of white cabinets is that it works with various architectural styles, from country chic, traditional to contemporary.
4. Stones like slate, soapstone, quarts, granite and marble are resistant to burns, scratches, wear and continue to be unrivalled in elegance and beauty. Most new kitchens mix more than one surface material. Stainless steel adds strong commercial flavour to a kitchen and provides a seamless, almost germ-free surface.
5. Knobs, handles and pulls for kitchen cabinets and drawers are an expression of the homeowner’s taste. Nowadays, these accessories take up their own aisle in most home improvement stores.
6. Well-place storage and appliances means less wear on the joints and back. Counter heights are adjusted to reduce strain and drawers used in place of cabinets.
7. Today, kitchen sinks are becoming a remarkable feature. Manufacturers are making a wide selection of sinks in various configurations, materials and colors. Kitchen showrooms display long, thin sinks designed to appear like streambeds or troughs, sinks that join countertops with no seen transition and sinks in bold colors.
8. Stainless steel appliances bring an ambience of professionalism or a vintage feel to a kitchen and continue to become more popular today. Modern kitchens even feature appliances that matched the cabinetry for an uninterrupted and integrated look.

When you realize how wonderful a new kitchen design will be, you may want to start renovating your kitchen right away. Nevertheless, you should take time on planning your renovation since making changes once you have started could be very costly. Check out the hot trends in kitchen design by looking at kitchen magazines and looking at model showrooms. Take time to reflect on how the kitchen is used and how it fits with other rooms in your house.

Once these needs are addressed, let yourself dream more than practicalities. Set aside a space for displaying a collection like antique yellow ware bowls or wonderful baskets. Assign one wall to hold a huge chalkboard for family conversation such as the one in your childhood house. You could also add a wine cooler in the space opened up when the dishwasher moves to a new freestanding island.