47 Lovely Solid Wood Bedroom Set Ideas

When it comes to any furniture for the home not just that found in the bedroom today it could be made from a variety of different materials. Some beds are made using real wood, whilst some are constructed from MDF (known as medium density fibreboard). Nevertheless, there are even some wood bedroom sets, which are made using a combination of both real and MDF together.

MDF however is engineered from softwood, which has broken down into fibers, which are then combined together once more. In order for these fibers to stay together they are coated with wax and resin and baked at high temperatures as pressure is applied to the mixture in order to create the MDF panels you see in your local DIY store.

The biggest advantage to be had from buying bedroom sets which use MDF only a mixture of MDF and real wood is the price. Certainly these types of furniture sets are often considerably cheaper to buy than real wood ones are. Moreover, MDF is far easier to look after than those pieces of furniture, which are made from pine, cherry wood, mahogany or oak for example.

However MDF does not provide the same kind of feel and texture that real wood can and certainly does very little to actually enhance the looks of a room. Really, MDF is better to be used for practical purposes and is more commonly used in children and teenager bedrooms. Simply because if it gets damaged it does not cost much to replace it.

For those people who choose to go for real wood bedroom suites in their homes the most common types of wood they choose to have are either pine, mahogany, cherry wood or oak. All of which can provide a certain kind of look to a room. For those who are after a more rustic look then oak or pine is the most suitable. However if you are looking for a more contemporary look then cherry wood may be the preferred wood of choice. But for those who are looking for an elegant and sophisticated image for their bedroom then mahogany may be what they need.

If you do choose to buy, a bedroom set made from real wood rather than from MDF or a mixture of both you need to look after it well. Firstly, you need to make sure that you do not place it directly in front of a heat source such as a fireplace or radiator. Secondly, avoid letting your furniture be in sunlight on a continuous basis, what you should do is make sure that the curtains remain closed occasionally during the day.

By doing this you will be ensuring that, your solid wood bedroom sets remain in the same condition as when you purchased them for years to come. Also, it is vital to keep such bedroom decorations in good order that you clean them on a regular basis using a very mixture of warm water with a very mild non-alkaline soap. But test on an area of the furniture that cannot be seen to ensure that it will not cause any damage to the furniture, then immediately dry using a very soft cloth.